Plum district is having a great deal on Pretend City tickets right now! You buy 3 tickets get 1 one free and each ticket is only $6. Normally the tickets cost $12.50! Of course there is a catch….the tickets only work on Tuesday-Friday after 1pm. If your kids are like mine, 3 hours max is plenty of time to spend there and they close at 5pm.

If you’ve never been to Pretend City it’s a pretty cool place for your little ones. It’s basically a miniature town with miniature versions of a library, grocery store, a restaurant, drs office, etc! They also have a cool water play area and an arts and crafts area where they supply everything you need to create some cool art projects that you can take home. Here is a picture of Emma making a pizza the last time we went!


They even have designated play areas for babies and kids under 1 are free! You still have to pay for your own admission though so that’s why this deal is really good. Now that school has started it will probably be less crowded so it’s a great time to take advantage of this deal. I already bought mine!

Click here for the Pretend City deal at Plum District.

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