Just a note to myself of some playgrounds that I’d like to visit:

1. Colonel Bill Barber Marine Corps Memorial Park in Irvine – Voted 2nd best park in Orange County (1st was Atlantis). One review said that it has a lot of ramps instead of steps and since Emma is just learning how to walk it might be more safe for her but I do see steps in some pictures in another review. The equipment looks nice, new, and well designed. The park itself is very expansive.

2. Fullerton Sports Complex – This is the first fully covered playground I’ve seen in Orange County. If anyone knows of any other ones please share! It has a lot of contraptions for climbing. Check out the pictures here. I wish other playgrounds had a covering like this!!

3. Irvine Regional Park – A very popular park that we haven’t visited yet. It includes a zoo and a train among other interesting features! From now until Halloween they also have their pumpkin patch/halloween event so it would be a great time to check it out.

Any socal parks you love and would like to share with me? We are always looking to explore new, fun spaces to play at!

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