I’m so conflicted when it comes to the iPad. Emma has always been super clingy and rarely plays on her own. The only time I can get her to do something on her own is either watching TV or playing on the iPad. So even though I hate being dependent on it, I’m simultaneously grateful for it. Part of me worries about her developing ADHD or being overstimulated from too much screen time but another part of me believes she’s actually learning something from some of these apps! Plus, they are honestly a savior on airplanes. Here’s a roundup of some of Emma’s favorite apps she’s been playing for the past several months:

Endless Alphabet ($6.99) – I got this one when it was free and I can see why they are charging for it now! It’s a very popular app with the kids and designed so well. The game is like a puzzle of a word and you have to drag the letters into their positions. While you are dragging the letters it makes the noise of the sound the letter makes and when you complete the word it plays a cartoon explaining the definition of the word. Emma loves this one.


PBS Kids Video (Free) – This is hands down Emma’s favorite app. It’s probably my most hated app because it’s not very educational in my opinion. It’s just an app that plays a bunch of PBS shows. Emma’s favorites are Daniel Tiger, Caillou, Syd The Science Kid, and Martha Speaks. The cool thing about this app is it’s very easy for kids to navigate between the different shows. Emma mostly loves watching the opening credits because she loves songs and they are so catchy.

Kids Game Club Apps By TabTale (Free/$3.99) – This company makes a ton of apps…they are all pretty similar with different theme songs. Emma loves them all but she especially loves Wheels On The Bus, one of her favorite songs. The app also includes a bunch of mini games that Emma enjoys.

Zoo Train ($1.99) – I don’t know if it’s Emma’s male cousins influence on her but she loves trains! This one also has a couple of train themed mini games.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox ($1.99) – This is a great app that teaches counting, shapes, colors, and matching. I have to help Emma with some of the games but she mostly gets it.

Kids Beat Baby (Free) – This music app comes with 2 songs with the option to purchase more. Again, if your child loves songs they will love this app! It has cute illustrations and instruments your child can play along with the song.


Elmo Calls ($.99) – What kid doesn’t love Elmo? This one is so cute…Elmo pretends to call or facetime you with cute little messages.

What are your kids’ favorite apps?

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