Great tip (for soon-to-be moms):
20 things I wish someone had told me about postpartum – Not looking forward to postpartum this time around since I know exactly what it entails!

Great Activity:
25 Recipes For Play – Some great ideas for a rainy day

To make:
Snap up Sleeping Bag – Wish my sewing skills were better…this is so cute!

To think about:
Don’t Help Your Kids With Their Homework – I’m always amazed at how much parents help their kids with their homework nowadays. I grew up with immigrant parents who barely spoke English let alone knew anything about what I was doing at school so this article really struck a chord with me. But it does feel like all of the other parents are doing this now so I wonder if I’ll feel the pressure to do it too when it comes time for my kids to start school

For a laugh:
Some hilarious texts from a funny dad:

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