With the impending arrival of baby #2, we’ve been talking a lot about how Emma will deal with having to share our attention. She has always been a very clingy kid especially to me so I’m not sure how she will deal with not having all of my attention like she currently does! One of the more popular ideas people have for helping the older child adjust to their new sibling is to present them with a gift that is supposedly from the baby. Here are some ideas for gifts that we’ve heard other people have gifted or that we are considering for Emma. I know it will be especially hard for Emma to see the new baby breastfeeding and how much time that will take me away from her so I am hoping the gift will be long-lasting and fun enough for her that she will play with it independently of me.

1. A play kitchen – This seems to be extremely popular on those lists of toys kids will play with for years. I always see people recommending kitchens as one of those toys that kids just love! I know Emma enjoys opening and closing cupboards especially. This one is the highest rated one on Amazon but it is quite pricy. There are of course cheaper ones including Ikea’s play kitchen which I love for its simplicty.

2. Train Set – Whenever we go to Toys R Us, Emma always spends the longest time playing on their Thomas the Train trainset table. She also LOVES trains.

3. A basket of small gifts that she can only play with at certain times when we need her to be playing independently. It would include:

books – I have a bunch of books on Emma’s wishlist including The Day the Crayons Quit, Elmo’s World First Flap-Book Library, I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato, The Complete Adventures of Curious George, Press Here, and Llama Llama Time to Share

Sticker pads

Puzzles & Activity Boards

4. A dollhouse – I’m not sure how interested she is in something like this but I think she is getting to the age where this might engage her more. Or maybe I’m just fulfilling my childhood dream of owning a dollhouse!! hehe

5. iPad Mini – I know I know…talk about spoiled!!! But we are really considering this option because I know she will absolutely LOVE it. We already let her play with our iPad and it’s sometimes too bulky for her. Plus it’s a really old version so it would be great to have a new version with the retina screen!

Do you guys have any other suggestions?

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