My due date is getting closer and closer! I’m excited and definitely scared of the changes too. This post about letting go of your first baby really hits home. I know it will be great for Emma to have a sibling but a part of me is sad for her in that she won’t get our full and undivided attention anymore. I’m not really sure how she will adjust, especially since she is such a mama’s girl and I will undoubtedly be very busy with her brother since I will be bfing again. I hope we are able to balance having 2 and giving both kids the love and attention they deserve. I know the first few weeks will definitely be a time of adjustment for all of us.

A few other things I’m not looking forward to:
– Random wakeups at night and just the whole newborn “schedule”. Even though I am not sleeping well right now because of the uncomfortableness of the 3rd trimester, it’s a totally different story when you are in a deep sleep and get woken up by a loud cry!

– BFing. I love and hate breastfeeding. Not looking forward to pumping again that’s for sure! And I’ve always had milk supply issues so it’s always a lot of work for me in the beginning to get it going and to have enough.

– Doing the whole bedtime routine with a newborn. We’ve really gotten into a groove with Emma and it’s been pretty fast and easy to put her down and we get the whole evening to ourselves! I remember in the beginning it would take an hour+ sometimes to get her down. I hope this baby is not as fussy as she was! Maybe this time we will sleep train? hehe

– Using the crib. Husband won’t let me switch the crib to a floor bed and since we still cosleep with Emma in our queen sized bed…that means the baby is stuck in the crib or cosleeper which means when baby cries I have to get up to get the baby and feed him. The reason Emma sleeps with us is because I was too lazy to do that the first time around! And if this baby is like Emma, he won’t sleep more than 15 mins at a time in a crib. I am thinking of getting a topponcino. Has anyone had experience with one?

– A crying baby that won’t be soothed. Sometimes a baby will just cry and none of the normal tricks will work. I dread those.

– Postpartum recovery. OMG. I am really dreading this. I thought this was the worst part and I kept wondering why nobody told me how bad this part was. Labor is a piece of cake compared to this! I just hope recovery is easier and faster the 2nd time around.

What I am looking forward to:
– BFing. Again, I have a love/hate relationship with breastfeeding but I have to admit that since it’s my 2nd time around it should be a LOT easier! I had a lot of problems the first time around and it probably took me WEEKS before I was able to comfortably do it. It was actually pretty stressful and I almost gave up! Now I know what to expect and the “right” way to do it.

– Not being so clueless about everything. Man, we used google like crazy that first time around. We did everything “by the book”. We woke up the baby every 4 hours to feed because that’s what the DR and books told us. Now I’m totally of the opinion of don’t wake a sleeping baby!! We also delayed giving Emma a bottle and listened to our DR to “bird feed” her with a syringe for like a week so that she wouldn’t have nipple confusion. OMG. after a week of that we gave up and used the bottle and it was like 100x easier. I am never doing the syringe feeding again! Same thing with the pacifier. They told us wait 6 weeks to give her a pacifier….by that time she refused to take it and ended up using me as a pacifier! There’s just so many things I know better about now…you don’t always have to listen to the DR or the books or google. Sometimes you just have to listen to your gut!

– Being able to enjoy the newborn phase. I think last time I was too worried about everything and just trying to adjust to being a mom. I didn’t go anywhere and barely left the house if I wasn’t with my husband. This time I feel like I can enjoy my maternity leave better and really bond because I’m not going to worry about the stupid stuff.

I am really nervous about what this 2nd baby is going to be like. It can really make/break how fun/easy the newborn stage is if you have a mild mannered baby or a colicky baby. PLEASEPLEASE DO NOT HAVE COLIC BABY#2!!!! I do notice this baby moves like crazy in my stomach…much more so than Emma did so I’m kind of nervous that he’s going to be a typical boy and be rambunctious and a handful. We’ll see I guess!

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