I’m not really sure how much I will get done with a newborn on the way this summer but I thought it would be fun to create a Summer Manifesto. We will try to hit as much of these items as possible with a tiny one in tow! I LOVE summer and definitely don’t want to waste it being cooped up inside like the last time I was on maternity leave. Hopefully I have more experience now and can handle taking the baby out! 🙂

1. Visit a tidepool. Check out this list of 7 family friendly tidepools in OC.
2. Take Emma to the Atlantis Play Center. We still haven’t gone to this popular playground yet!
3. Bake something with Emma. Emma really enjoys cooking with me so I’ll be on the lookout for more kid-friendly recipes where she can help by adding ingredients and stirring things.
4. Eat Afters Ice Cream. We love eating ice cream and this has been on my list to try!
5. Sign up Emma for soccer classes
6. Make Emma a felt playmat. I really like this Easter one (even though it’s not Easter anymore :P) because it’s no sew and Emma had such a blast this past Easter hunting for eggs. I’m always on the lookout for activities she can play with that don’t include the iPad or TV 😛

7. Attend an outdoor movie
8. Have lots of picnics. We LOVE picnics….even if it’s just in our yard 🙂
9. Plant something with Emma. Since I have a total black thumb this will just be for fun. I was thinking of grass in a cute pot or even these cress cup plants. Emma loves watering plants and I think she will get a kick out of seeing something grow!

10. Use up my groupons/living socials deals to Pretend City and The Little Prince Cafe. One has already expired but I can still use their face value so I really want to get these used up this summer!

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