For people who know me, I didn’t really get to enjoy my maternity leave last time when I was pregnant with Emma. I got a total of 1 day off before she arrived! This time I’ve already enjoyed a whole week off….and it has been SO NICE!!! I’ve gotten so much done and have really enjoyed this one on one time I have gotten with Emma before baby #2 comes.

I took a few days to really reorganize my house and throw out a lot of trash. I cleaned out my freezer and cupboards of everything that was expired. I sorted through my craft/office room so now I can actually find things when I work on my crafts! I even started reorganizing Emma’s toys and am attempting to do a toy rotation for her so we don’t have toys out everywhere. I cooked a little bit and have attempted at eating a salad a day while I’m on maternity leave and also made beef broth from scratch!

I just hope I last through the weekend because we have 2 big bday parties to attend this weekend and I really want to go! I love bday parties! If I make it to next week, there are some arts and craft stuff that I wanted to work on including making Emma’s felt play mat (will be great for her to play independently when baby #2 comes!), finishing Emma Project Life book and start Max’s Project Life, and also work on my anniversary present for the hubby. We’re celebrating 5 years in a few months…I can’t believe we’ve been married for that long. So happy to have him in my life and by my side as we turn the next chapter in our family. 🙂

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