This is a pretty boring, typical birth story. But I thought I would post about it in case Max wanted to read about it one day? hehe. BTW, boring and typical makes this a perfect birth story to me!

With both of my births, I have always gotten a lot of Braxton Hicks (fake contractions) early on in my pregnancy. On the Friday before Max’s birth, I had my weekly appointment with my DR who told me I was already 2-3 cm dilated. My DR told me it could be soon, or it could be several weeks since some people are stuck at that stage for awhile. I figured it would be sooner than later though since Emma also came so early and honestly I was SO huge at that point that people would stop me in the store predicting that I was going to give birth any day now! The next day early in the morning I started having more constant contractions. Enough so that I started timing them. Turned out they were about 8 minutes apart for about 2 hours. (You are supposed to head into the hospital when they are 5 mins apart!). They weren’t painful yet but actually felt just like Braxton Hicks to me still….but at that point I couldn’t remember what the difference was. I woke up wondering if today was going to be THE DAY!

But, after I got up and started moving around…the contractions stopped. Or they returned to how they had been for a few weeks. Random. So I figured they were all Braxton Hicks again. Throughout the day I did start to notice they got a little stronger but again I wasn’t sure if it was my imagination. I told Minh I thought it would be soon though. We decided to watch our last movie for awhile and went and saw X-Men! Throughout the movie I got some more contractions which usually happened more often when I was sitting still (again, another indication they were Braxton Hicks and not real contractions). I kept imagining my water breaking somewhere in public and what I would do! But alas, nothing happened.

That night, I went to bed wondering if I was going to make it til morning. I knew once I laid down there was a strong possibility that my contractions might start up again. I was really hoping they wouldn’t since I had a birthday party to go to on Sunday! Unfortunately, sometime in the middle of the night my contractions started up again. They were definitely stronger and I started to vaguely remember what real contractions felt like and thought these were real. I decided to get up and walk around to see if they would stop. They sort of eased up but were still somewhat constant so I continued to time them. Once they started getting in the 4-5 minute range and a little more painful, I woke up Minh. “I think it’s time!!!”. I think this was around 4 in the morning? I can’t really remember. We decided to call Minh’s mom to come over and stay with Emma since she was still asleep of course.

Oh I forgot to mention that earlier that night our plumbing went kaputz. The bathtub was backed up and it was SO GROSS!!!! We tried to get a 24 hr plumber to come out but they kept delaying and finally canceled on us and told us to wait for the next morning. Unfortunately that was when I went into labor so I couldn’t even take a shower before going to the hospital! Bad luck!!!

After Minh’s mom came over, we headed to the hospital. I contemplated eating something before going in since I knew they wouldn’t let me eat once I got there. At first we were going to eat McD’s since it’s one of the few places open at the time (also what I ate before having Emma!) but when we were about to go through the drive-thru I had a painful contraction and suddenly McD’s was the last thing I wanted to eat so I told Minh to skip it. But of course as we drove away my contraction stopped and then we saw Del Taco so we went there instead. I ended up eating 2 crunchy tacos. Wish I had eaten more!!!

We pulled into the hospital and was able to get a pretty good parking spot. We walked in and they immediately asked me if I was going into labor. “I think so?”. So they checked me in and wheeled me into a room. The whole time I was paranoid about not being far enough along and getting turned back which I hear happens to a lot of my friends. This was a completely different experience for me since with Emma my water had broken first. Let me tell you, it is so much nicer when your water doesn’t break first!

They got me in a room and immediately hooked me up to an IV since I tested positive for Strep B and needed to get antibiotics. I didn’t really like where they placed my IV (in my wrist) and it sort of bothered me the whole time I was there. Oh well. I immediately asked for an epidural when I got there since I felt like I was nearing that hump where the contractions get super painful and definitely wanted it before I got to that point. I had no illusions about not getting one this time! 🙂 Epidurals just make the labor experience much more enjoyable for me…I can’t imagine not getting one. For the next 10 hours I was texting people, playing candy crush, and watching soccer. If I did not get the epidural I think I would have been pretty miserable and cranky. ha!

Rocking the double chin. I had a few photos where more of my body showed…OMG I was so huge!

When they checked to see how dilated I was, I was only 3-4 cm but 100% effaced. I remembered from last time I was very slow to progress even when I was pumped with pitocin so I wondered how long this one was going to be. Several hours went by and when they checked me again I was only 4-5cm. At this point, they asked me if I wanted pitocin but since we hadn’t been there that long…less than 6 hours? I didn’t really see a point yet. Especially since my water hadn’t broken yet. This is when I kind of got annoyed with my nurse and DR who were both pressuring me to take pitocin. I stood my ground though and said I wanted to wait a little longer. A few hours later, my DR came in and asked if I was ok with breaking my water. I said yes and she said we’ll see how that goes before discussing pitocin again. After she broke my water, she measured me again and said I was a 5-6 but that they would give me an hour before giving me Pitocin. Luckily, when the hour was up, I jumped to a 10! She said the baby was also in a really good position and I might not even need to push. I was like “You can do that??” The pushing part was my most dreaded part of labor since last time it took me 2 hours to push Emma out. When it was finally time to push, I pushed 3-4 times and baby Max came out!!!!! It was soooo easy compared to Emma. I couldn’t believe it!

Hello world!

6 lbs 9 oz…pretty hefty for such an early baby!

Family photo….really missing Emma here 🙁

I’ll write more about Emma meeting Max and how we are adjusting in another post!

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