The days leading up to Max’s birth I was super nervous about how Emma was going to react to Max. She is a total momma’s girl and I wasn’t sure how she would like having to share my attention! Luckily, I had nothing to worry about…Emma loves Max! It’s actually really sweet and heartwarming to witness. I credit her willingness to be a big sister because of all of her cousins and how much fun she has with them. I have always said she is the most social, shy kid ever! She loves other kids, it just takes her awhile to warm up. But once she gets used to you, she has no problem actually even leaving us and going off on her own. She has even asked if she can spend the night at her cousins’s house before! She definitely prefers to be around a lot of kids…so I’m glad we were able to give her a sibling at least.

Emma first met Max in the hospital. It was kind of a rocky first start but turns out the hospital setting just scared her a lot. She was even scared to get near me! I think because I was laying in the big hospital bed with a hospital gown on. It took her awhile to even sit on the bed and even when we got her on there she was itching to get off.

You can see some of her curiosity shining through in these pics.




After all of our hashing back and forth on what to get Emma as her present from Max…we settled on a Lightning McQueen tshirt and flashlight. Even though she’s never even seen Cars…she loves Lightning McQueen (her best friend and cousin’s influence). It was a hit!



I had to stay at the hospital another day after that, so when we finally came home we went to grandma’s house to pick up Emma. When we got there she was super excited to see “baby Max”. She started singing Happy Birthday to Max out of nowhere! This girl just kills me.

Emma loves Max!  Her reaction to him has been so sweet and loving. She surprises us every day!

She also wanted to help feed him and kept trying to make him laugh by jumping around.

When it was time to go home, I asked Emma if she wanted to stay at Grandma’s or go home with us. She said she wanted to stay (because all of her cousins were there). She immediately said “Bye Daddy, Bye Mommy”. As we got up to leave, taking Max with us, she starts throwing a tantrum and yelling “MAX STAY MAX STAY”….whaaaaat? It was so hilarious. So we ended up all staying over there for awhile so she could bond with Max a little more.

Since we’ve been home, she has shown so much concern and care for her little brother. The first thing she says some mornings are “Where is Max?”. And when she wants something and I can’t do it because I’m holding or bfing Max, she patiently waits her turn. The only bit of jealousy she has shown has been if one of us is carrying Max or sitting with him, she wants us to use our other arm to carry her sometimes…but she never makes us put Max down.

Excuse Daddy and daughter’s messy hair. 🙂
I think 2 kids has been a lot harder on Minh than me lol. #superdad #messyhairdontcare

Overall, I’m extremely happy with how this has gone down and I can’t wait for Max to grow up so he can actually play with Emma! She will love having a live-in playmate since mommy and daddy can be boring sometimes 😛

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