This labor, delivery, and recovery has been so great compared to last time. It’s only been about a week since I gave birth to Max and I almost feel 100%! Last time it took me weeks to feel somewhat back to normal. Overall, everything has been easier. Last time we were so worried about everything: jaundice, breastfeeding, getting Emma back to her birth weight, learning how to soothe a baby, how to swaddle and change a diaper, etc. This time Max has NO jaundice! His weight has been on track (even though I personally feel like he still needs to gain more weight!!), breastfeeding has been a breeze and actually hasn’t even been painful at all! Max has a great latch. He is also, in general, a much easier baby than Emma was. All he does is sleep, and when he’s awake he’s content to just lay there and observe the world. Emma never just laid there…if she was awake, she always wanted to be picked up! If Max cries, it’s because of one thing…he’s hungry! And feeding him is all it takes to make him happy again. It might be still too early to say, but Max is pretty easy!!

The only problems we’ve had with him have been diaper leaks. For a few days I was going through his whole wardrobe in one day because I had to change his outfit so often! We tried different brand diapers and finally settled on some Huggies in preemie size. This has cut down on his leaks a lot….now he only leaks once or twice a day. We are still getting used to changing a boy’s diaper. Honestly, changing a girl’s diaper is infinitely easier!!

A few things I am doing differently this time is not feeling guilty about supplementing with formula and using a bottle with Emma. We had such a hard time getting Emma to use a bottle that we are all traumatized. So far Max has had no nipple confusion and has been eating like a champ. We couldn’t ask for more.

I think so far, the hardest part of adjusting to life with two has honestly been Emma. She is going through her terrible twos and fighting her naps which makes for a tired, cranky kid sometimes. Also, since she is used to sleeping with me at night sometimes she wakes up now looking for me and gets upset if I am not there. She has also been waking up a lot earlier because she is looking for me in the morning too! We used to have a great sleeper and it all went downhill in the past few weeks. But luckily since Max has been so easy, we are able to tend to her a little more.

And now for some pics of Max!


First car ride – he slept like a baby of course

For awhile, the last thing I was was calm when changing him!!!

Love how chill this baby is

And a few pics of Emma whose new favorite hobby is blowing bubbles. Love her cheeks!


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