Sigh…it’s been one of those days where I don’t think Emma had a single serving of vegetables and I feel so guilty as a parent! The past 2 weeks I gave myself a pass on cooking which included cooking for Emma. We’ve been depending on grandma a lot but most days she has been spending with us and unless I make an effort to make one of my sneaky veggie recipes…Emma doesn’t eat any. Unlike fruits which all I have to do is cut up and she will devour…she refuses to eat raw veggies and hates dips of all kinds. So I thought I would make a roundup of veggie recipes that Emma likes and also a list of recipes I’ve been meaning to try with her to get me inspired to cook for her again! BTW, you’ll notice a lot of noodle/pasta recipes because she loves those. And also anything hidden in a bread/cake/muffin.

Tried and true veggie recipes (according to Emma)
Oven baked sweet potatoes (we usually use paprika)
spinach or kale pesto with pasta
hidden veggie pizza/pasta sauce
peanut butter noodles with broccoli
spring rolls
chicken, spinach, and bow tie pasta salad
fruit and veggie muffins
cold soba noodle salad

Recipes I want to try
Carrot Snack Sticks
ham and split pea soup
spinach avocado pasta
veggie pancakes
fruit and veggie pops
fried vermicelli noodles
spinach cheddar chive scones
20 minute miso noodle bowls
kiwi spinach fruit leather
cabbage and noodles with bacon
bright green smoothie – we haven’t had much luck with green smoothies but this one seems very fruity so it might pass the Emma Test
zucchini, carrot, oatmeal cookies
korean vegetable pancakes
veggie cream cheese spread – emma loves bagels with cream cheese…wonder if she’ll notice if I sneak some veggies in there?
bacon lettuce and tomato spring rolls

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