The Complete Adventures of Curious George: 70th Anniversary Edition – Even though there are several stories in this book, Emma makes me read the same 2 stories over and over again!

Popcorn with Coconut Oil – I have to admit we are both addicted to this! Emma just loves eating popcorn in general. But I really like the taste that coconut oil add to it. Plus it’s so much healthier than using butter! I use this recipe.

Finally got around to making coconut oil popcorn. It is easy and tasty! Now what toppings should I add?

Lil Critters Fruit and Veggie Vitamins – I’m on the fence about vitamins for kids so I see these more as a treat for Emma and another way to sneak in some veggies? She LOVES these and I usually tell her she can have one after she brushes her teeth which makes her a little more willing to brush than normal. Even though they recommend giving 2, I give her just 1 a day.

Bubbles – like every 2 year old…Emma is obsessed with bubbles. She is loving them right now and it has been a fun outdoor activity this summer

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