Wow this last month just flew by. I’ve been way too busy to post here but I wanted to make sure I at least do Max’s monthly updates just like I did for his sister! I started back at work so that’s been hectic figuring out our new schedule and how to juggle 2 kids. And another big deal was that Max started daycare! We decided to put him into daycare because he was refusing the bottle and it was just too hard for my inlaws to deal with it. Even though I am sad we had to put him into daycare so early I’m sure it was the right decision! And once he is better about taking the bottle we plan on putting him with the inlaws again. I’m so thankful he is there this past month because it’s been SO HOT lately and the daycare is nice and air conditioned! So at the very least he’s cool 🙂

Some milestones:
– I think the day after he turned 2 months he started smiling!!! It was the best thing ever. It’s so sweet when he gives us his smiles. I love baby smiles more than anything!!!!
– started sucking on his hands
– blows bubbles
– makes the cutest frown/pouty faces
– neck control is getting really strong! He can pretty much hold it up on his own now
– still refusing the bottle, even after a week at daycare 🙁
– still in size 1 diapers
– wearing some 0-3 and 3-6 month clothing
– not sure how much he weighs but on our home scale he is 12+ lbs!
– had his first night with a babysitter. actually this was the first time ever that we used a paid babysitter!
– and still really hates his car seat. so much!
– starting to enjoy toys. He really likes this one:

Some pictures:



A rare family pic

Didn’t realize how grainy this pic was…but I love it!
This pic cracks me up. #maxandemma

His expressions crack me up

Like this one on his first day of daycare


I am loving him more and more each day!

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