Phew…finally starting to get the hang of these 2 kids! Sorry it’s been quiet around here. And I thought I had no free time before? It’s a whole other type of busy with 2 kids!!! Not to mention I have a new schedule at work where I come in super early so that means no more late nights for me.

Anyways, I thought I would drop in with a few things I am enjoying right now and maybe you will too!

I’ve been on the hunt for an effective exfoliator that didn’t have any “bad” ingredients ever since my friend told me the reason my face is always dry/peeling despite how much moisturizer I put on it is because I need to exfoliate! I started researching what the best exfoliator was for dry skin and I started reading about the oh so popular clarisonic brushes. Unfortunately, those things are expensive and knowing me I will get too lazy to religiously use it. Enter the Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System. Supposedly it’s the same for a fraction of the price! $21 to be exact. At that price, I thought I would give it a try. I love how it’s waterproof and you can use it in the shower. So far I love it and it’s really been working well for me. No more peeling skin!

My commute to work is C R A Z Y. I’m talking about 1.5 hours of crazy. I’ve been religiously using Waze (love it!) and I can pretty much guarantee my commute will be 1 to 1.25 hours a day. My brother-in-law asked me how long it took me to get to work the other day and he said it took him 2 hours and we left at the same time! He said there was a terrible accident which I didn’t even know about because Waze completely steered me clear of it. LOVE. I’ve also been listening to Pandora a lot during my commute. Can I recommend the Anthem Lights station? If you’re like me you’re addicted to youtube covers. This station is like all of my favorite artists covering all of my favorite songs! Speaking of music, a nod to my college emo days, the new Jack’s Mannequin album is really good. I may actually have to break out the CC and purchase it!

I’ve been bringing my lunch every day since I got back to work and these recipes have been awesome and great time savers because I make a big batch and eat them the whole week or stick them in the freezer for later. They are all good and easy to make for all of you moms that are super moms cooking for your families!

smoked pumpkin chili – I used all black beans and added ground turkey

The best roasted vegetables ever – bold claim but they really are. I make a big batch and eat it with rice, pasta, tortillas you name it. I also mix up what vegetables I use but the key are the tomatoes.

I’ve also been looking up paleo/whole 30 recipes (I’m too scared to actually commit to the diet so I just sneak in a paleo meal every once in awhile :P) and have been making egg muffins and sticking them in the freezer for a quick breakfast. Mix cooked, crumbled sausage with eggs. The original recipe added chopped bell peppers but I used the frozen kale from Trader Joe’s (defrosted first). Just cook it all up in a muffin tin and stick them in the freezer after they cool down.

Lastly, a book recommendation. Still Alice SO GOOD. If you know anyone with Alzheimer’s this is a must read.

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2 comments on “Mommy’s Corner #2”

  1. Hi Kim,
    I started reading your blog. I remember the roasted vegetable dish, it really was yummy. I’m going to have to change the way I cook now also with a baby on the way! Need to learn to cook in bigger batches and freezing them! I like this blog by the way, learning alot!

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