It’s hard to imagine in the next few months, how fast Max will be changing. He is going to be sitting up soon and next thing you know he will be crawling! I’m looking forward to these milestones but of course sad at how quickly it all happens, a recurring theme in parenting don’t you think? I do have to admit I can’t wait until he likes the car seat though!

I’m also so excited about the next few months with all of the fun holidays coming up – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Xmas!!!! These events are 10 times more fun with kids in my opinion. This past month we have been celebrating Halloween full force with visits to the pumpkin patch, having a pumpkin painting play date, and getting the kids’ costumes ready. I think Halloween may be my favorite or at least one of my favorite holidays.

Some milestones:

– Babbling like crazy!!! He’s so loud and talkative
– Loves being talked or read to.
– Started laughing and is super smiley
– Possibly teething with the amount he drools and is always eating his hand
– Can definitely hold his head up now
– REALLY hates the car seat
– Rolled over!! He hasn’t mastered this though and doesn’t do it very often but he has done it a couple of times now
– Starting to grab at things
– and the most exciting milestone…he is finally taking the bottle!!! It took a month at daycare but we are so happy to say he is drinking from a bottle like a champ! Such a relief.

I was just looking at Emma’s and how similar their milestones are. There are a few differences though. Max rolled earlier than Emma but Emma was able to hold and bat toys earlier than Max. Also, Emma started liking the car seat by 4 months and Max has reached maximum hatred for his. Hopefully by next month when he masters playing with his toys he will like it more!

Now for some pics:

He kind of looks like a girl here…

Big sister is his favorite fan!

Always wants to hold his hand:

Rolling over

A college friend his expression!

My superheroes

Always on the lookout for trouble!

Trick or treating at Boo at the Zoo

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