Wow..another month just flew by! We started out the new month with Max’s first “trip”. We took him to Vegas! I was actually dreading this trip because we were driving and Max hates car rides. The ride there was actually not too bad. He only cried about 60% of the way which was actually pretty good for him. The ride home was a completely different story. He cried 99% of the way. The other 1% he would fall asleep and Emma would wake him up! It was so frustrating. We had to stop 5-6 times. I thought we would never make it home. It really confirmed to me that I will be flying to Vegas from now on! Other than that…the trip was pretty fun. Or as fun as it can be with 2 kids. We went with friends though so it’s always fun just to hang out with them and watch our kids play together. I didn’t even gamble!

Other than that, Max also celebrated his first Halloween! We went trick-or-treating with his cousins. He mostly slept the whole time. We dressed him up as Robin and Emma was Batgirl. I wish I had taken more pictures!!!! I’ll be so sad when the day comes that I can’t pick my kids’ costumes heheh.

Some milestones:
– full on rolling now
– started taking 1 bottle of formula (I’m not producing enough milk for him :()
– no more acid reflux!!
– had his first bout of bronchitis 🙁
– sitting in the bumbo
– batting and holding onto toys

I hate my carseat. no joke.

oooh..what’s this!



Me and my sis

Ready for winter

Possibly my favorite picture of these 3
Max always has the funniest expressions! #lovethese3


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