Man, these updates are getting harder and harder to do as it just keeps getting busier and busier with 2! Right now we are in the throes of 2 sick kids so that’s why this one is so late. Plus the holidays. Happy that I am at least attempting to do these updates though.

Max has really started to roll and be very active this past month. He seems to be a lot more aware and very curious about everything. Playing with his toys more (yay!). He still hates the carseat with a passion though. Going anywhere with him is pure torture. I can’t wait for the day when he enjoys his carseat! It hasn’t stopped us from going to a lot of places though.

We started the past month with a visit to the DR to check his weight. At his 4 month appointment the DR said his wait was slipping and asked us to come back. Well when we did his weight was back on track! Hooray. THEN a month later we went to his 6 month appointment and his weight slipped again! 🙁 I did start noticing he was drinking less at daycare for some reason. He has just not been a very good eater in general. He had trouble with the bottle and only drinks it now when he’s starving. Breastfeeding him isn’t as easygoing as it was with Emma either. He just doesn’t seem to enjoy eating period. We have trouble feeding him enough milk. He is probably only drinking half of the amount a normal baby his age should be drinking…I’m not really sure how he is growing at all! It’s been very stressful since you can’t really force a baby to eat. As a result, we have been supplementing more and more with formula. We are also starting solids (I’ll talk about that more since it was officially in his next month’s update).

On a more positive note, he is smiling and laughing a lot so at least he seems like a happy baby. He especially loves to play peekaboo and to have books read to him. He loves to put everything in his mouth and is super drool-y.

Some firsts
– haircut. We wanted to give him a mohawk but honestly I totally miss his hair!!!! He looks like a different baby to me!
– santa pictures. they turned out so great we had to buy some!
– trip to sea world.
– secret santa party
– glamping!!! we went glamping for boyrobot’s 35th bday. it gave us a taste of what camping will be like with kids. I can’t wait to take the kids camping in the future!

And now for some pictures

Family Thanksgiving picture

A very early Secret Santa party!

Check out his awesome crazy hair. I miss it.


Max and his barber, Uncle Khanh

One of my favorite pictures ever!

About to head out to go look at xmas lights!

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