In case you didn’t know…I’m not much of a baby person. I’m pretty awkward around babies (aside from my own) and generally think they are pretty boring. Sure they can be cute and when they hit all of their little milestones it fills me with the fuzzies but for the most part, I’m not a baby person. I really hate all of the wake ups at night. I hate dealing with bottle feeding. I enjoy breastfeeding but sometimes I feel chained to the baby (especially if they refuse the bottle). And in general, I just don’t know how to entertain babies! Aside from peekaboo…which gets old fast. They also cry a lot and both of my babies wanted to be held ALL. OF. THE. TIME!

I remember with Emma…I didn’t really start feeling the overwhelming love for quite awhile. Sure I liked her enough…but it wasn’t the all consuming love that a parent has for their kid type love. That took time. I’m not sure when it happened but believe me. I love that girl more than anything now. It’s crazy the kind of love a mother has for her kids.

As for Max, I mention all of this because….it’s happening!!!! I’m slowly falling in love with this kid.

He went from one of those boring baby blobs…to a smiling, laughing, rolling, grabbing, gosh-darn-super-cute baby!!!

Guys. I am IN love.

He wakes up with the biggest smiles. When he sees me, he lunges for me and sometimes cries until whoever is holding him gives him up and lets him come to mama. He rolls over like a champ. He is grabbing at toys. Chewing everything in sight. And drooling so much he is wearing a bib 24/7.

He still hates the car seat BUT it’s getting better! He can tolerate short car rides now.

We started him on solids. So far he’s had avocados, bananas, rice cereal, and pears. He loves them all. I mean really loves it.

Oh yes, AND he’s sitting on his own now!! Yippee.

Well…mostly sitting 🙂

And earlier this month he celebrated his first xmas which involved flying to Oklahoma to visit my side of the family. Unfortunately, he was sick the whole time and pretty miserable. The airplane ride was ok…he cried when we took off and when we were landing but slept the rest of the time.

an outtake from our xmas card this year

A picture of Max with his great grandfather who just turned 100!

So yes, it’s been an exciting month for Max!

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