Man I have major mommy brain. I can’t remember anything exciting or significant happening this month! And what’s worse…I didn’t take any pictures with my real camera! I did take some photos with my phone but not very many. I guess I’ve been trying to be in the moment more with my kids…but I also think it’s important to take pictures too. I need to work on finding the right balance.

This month was filled with lots of picnics, Valentine’s Day, and just typical family adventures. Max is starting to eat more different foods. He seems to like everything we’ve given him. He actually seems to like to eat more than drink milk! Although he’s finally started drinking more milk too. Oh I hope he starts catching up on his weight!

Max is still not crawling but he likes to do 360s. He’s still putting EVERYTHING into his mouth and drooling everywhere. He can stand on his own for several seconds! He is starting to understand some words. My inlaws have a small pumpkin hanging from their fan and when we ask him where the pumpkin is he always looks up at it. SO CUTE. I really should be teaching him sign language like I did with Emma. 2nd baby syndrome!

For Valentine’s Day, we had a family picnic at our new favorite spot that our friends recommended to us…Heisler Park. It’s adjacent to Laguna Beach and is just beautiful. Emma loves to play in the sand with daddy while I chill with Max on the grass.

I got the whole family gifts and for Max I got him a new chew toy which of course he loved.

I also decorated our hallway with streamers, hearts, and candies. Max loved walking through it!

People always ask me if I notice a difference between having a boy vs a girl. So far it’s not that much different honestly but I do notice Max is super curious and reaches for EVERYTHING! Whatever he sees, he wants to hold it and put it in his mouth. He will lunge for things all of the time when I am holding him. I don’t really remember Emma doing that. And as I’ve heard from my other friends with boys….Max will probably be a terror once he’s fully mobile and be getting into everything. I can definitely see that. We will probably have to babyproof the house for the first time. Emma was so cautious we never had to worry about that.

Overall, Max seems like a very happy baby and has been pretty easy lately. He is getting so much better in his carseat which makes us sooo happy because we like to go places a lot and it was just pure torture every time in the car. Now he can go for 30 mins or more without crying! He has also slept on his own a few times. With Emma we always had to rock or bf her to sleep.

Now for the few pictures I took!

Isn’t this hat so cute? The baby wearing it isn’t so bad either!

Max already loves it when we read to him….to bad we don’t nearly do it enough 🙁

Always smiling at us. His smiles seriously melt my heart!

Max is so lucky to have a sister like Emma. She ALWAYS holds his hand in the car since she knows he doesn’t like car rides!

Family selfie

Max likes planking

Ready to eat!

Finally…a family picture we didn’t take ourselves!

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