Max grew up so much this past month! It was an exciting month for him because not only did he start crawling but he also cut his first tooth! I think he actually has 2 teeth now. He also got exponentially cuter (to me) this month. Maybe it’s his cute little personality shining through but I just think he is at his most adorable stage right now. He is totally into clapping his hands, his latest trick. In fact, in the morning when he is sleeping and it’s time to wake up. My husband will start singing “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands” and IN HIS SLEEP he starts smiling and clapping his hands!!! It’s the cutest thing!!!!

Max’s separation anxiety is at an all-time high right now. He used to be pretty easygoing and would let anyone hold him. Now he just wants momma or grandpa to hold him. His snuggles are the best though so I don’t mind!

Max is also really into books. When I read him his books before bed, he is very still which is weird because he is such an active baby so you know he is actually listening and paying attention! His favorite books right now are Pat The Bunny and Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You. When I read the first line of Mr. Brown he always gives me a big smile!

We are still struggling with his milk intake but he is still really enjoying his solids. I just hope he is growing! We have his 9 Month appointment in 2 weeks so we’ll find out then.

Now for the photo dump.

Max’s first Chinese/Vietnamese New year!

Eating out just got fun again. Max can sit on his own in the high chair!!

Love this little booger so much

Now that he can crawl, he loves tummy time!

Always getting into mischief now that he is mobile!

This next video of Max CRACKS.ME.UP.  I can’t stop laughing at his little feet.

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