This is the month I’ll always remember as the time when I really get why boys are more work. At least when they are young. This little guy is SO active and curious!!! He tries to get into everything. Not only is he crawling everywhere but he started cruising and tries to use everything as a walker. Like this chair for instance.

Yes, he’s actually pushing this chair around! I have to keep one eye on him always. One time my grandparents left him with a piece of paper alone for a few minutes and when they came back he had given himself paper cuts ALL over his face!!!!

How sad does that look?? Luckily it healed pretty quickly and he was back to his normal cute self.

Yes…that look is saying “what trouble can I get myself into….”

This past month Max celebrated his first Easter. He slept during the actual egg hunt so unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures of that.

Here he is holding one of his sister’s eggs

Watching big sister paint eggs. Don’t worry Max…next year you can join!

He can run around this thing so fast now

Every saturday morning we go to Emma’s ballet class and Max watches and claps his hands, cheering his sister on!

Random picture of Max at Land of Nod. I love this store!

This past month has been full of more picnics and park outings. Max loves being outside and trying to eat the dirt. 🙁

He is starting to drink more milk and has tried a variety of different foods now. He will pretty much eat anything. I hope this continues as he grows older! I’ll be so happy if I have 2 foodies (my daughter is a great eater too!). Here he is eating a lime and loving it.

What else can be said about this little guy this month? He’s such a happy baby. He is still waking up smiley and clapping his hands. He loves to dance to music. Make funny noises with his mouth. Emma and Max are starting to interact more with each other and it’s so sweet to see them being so loving! He did the sweetest thing the other day. Emma was crying really hard and he was just staring at her with a worried look on his face. I started patting her on the back to try and calm her down and he crawled over to her and started patting her back too! It was just so crazy to see his personality start developing and to see him care about his big sister!! My heart melted right then and there.

Oh and also another biggie is that he said his first word! Like his sister it was….”mom”! So proud of him. 🙂

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