Wow…I keep saying it but this month just flew by. I can’t believe only 1 more month and Max will be a one year old!!!!

Max really started walking a lot more this past month. He’s gone about 5-6 steps unassisted now. I think maybe by his 1st bday he will be full on walking. I hope so!! I really hate the stage where they want you to hold their hand everywhere as they try to walk. Either that or he is crawling all over the dirty floor. Or you are worrying he’s going to fall and hit his head. Yup…not my favorite stage.

I feel like he is understanding a lot more when we talk to him. He knows to point to where he wants us to carry him and he definitely understands “mum mum” means food! He is a total terror when it comes to diaper changes. He kicks and squirms so much that half the time I have to change his diaper while he’s upright and pray that he doesn’t pee!

He also still hates the carseat but he is a little better about it. He’s getting better at falling asleep in the car if he’s tired….before he would cry so much because he would be sleepy but couldn’t sleep (what a weird baby! they are supposed to love falling asleep in the car). Now we can usually go short distances without him crying but I still get stressed out every day and get all rushed every time we get in the car because of him 🙁

I’ve been so bad with pictures as always. Here are the few I managed to take!

This guy is seriously such a trouble maker compared to his sister!

Speaking of his sister…these 2 are the best of friends. BTW we totally faked this photo…Max doesn’t use the iPhone yet!

He’s really good at drinking out of a straw now! Just wish he would drink more milk. He is a great eater though and will eat pretty much anything. I can’t wait til he turns 1 and we switch him to whole milk…hoping he likes that more than bm or formula!

This guy loves water! BTW – no he is not THAT dirty…it’s an oatmeal bath because he has some eczema

Max is still not sleeping through the night and even though he’s not a big fan of bfing…he does rely on it at night. And since he is such a lightweight I feel bad weaning him off of it right now. I am counting down the days when I get to stop pumping though!

Check out this video of Max walking. I love the face he makes at the end. He always makes that face after he makes a few steps….the “I did it” face! So cute!!

This guy is a total momma’s boy and he loves to cuddle with me. Sometimes he crawls over to me and just gives me a big hug and lays his head on my shoulder and grips my neck super tight. My heart just melts! Love you Maxie Poo!!!!

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