Max is ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can’t believe it. I remember when Max was born and thinking he’s going to be 1 before I know it. And now here we are. He’s still so little though that it’s hard for me to believe he’s actually 1! This past month he started walking and it’s so cute seeing his little body toddle around. He looks almost too small to be walking! His personality has really started to shine through this past month too. He is so mischievous but also so loving. He loves to give big hugs and big kisses. I love it when he laughs his cute little laugh. It’s pretty easy to make him laugh too and his sister is ALWAYS making him laugh the most! Probably my favorite part of this past year has been watching their relationship grow.

Things I want to remember about Max right now:

– Whenever I start singing “if you’re happy and you know it” or “wheels on the bus”, he instantly starts clapping his hand
– Speaking of music I love when he does his little bouncy dance whenever he hears any music he likes
– I love the way he waves goodbye with his wrist
– Whenever I have my back turned to him, he instantly climbs onto my back wanting a piggy-back ride and when I take him for a ride he always has the biggest grin
– All of his babbling…his little voice is so cute!
– When he’s breastfeeding and is staring at me and just smiles
– How he always walks over to the counter with his favorite cereal and calls out to us until we give him some
– How he always spots any bird or airplane in the sky no matter how small. He totally loves birds!
– How much he loves to eat anything and everything
– His kisses. And when he grabs my face so he can kiss it.
– Whenever he grabs me around my knees for a big hug
– That he started walking so early!
– How he always points at the fan or the light in the room to everyone
– That his eczema is virtually gone! hooray!

Things I don’t want to remember about Max right now:
– How he gets into EVERYTHING. A total troublemaker and curious about everything
– How he he falls and hits his head at least once a day 🙁
– How he likes to run straight to our sunken living room and go down the 2 steps as if he can physically do it (he can’t)
– How much he dislikes drinking milk from a bottle
– How he enjoys breastfeeding but is horrible at it (he has a very short attention span)
– How underweight and small he is 🙁
– How at 1 he still hates the carseat
– How often he wakes up at night still
– How he always has a mischievous look on his face!

For his 1st bday party we threw him a party at the Santa Ana Zoo. It went well but I am so glad it’s over! Just like Emma he wasn’t into smashing his cake at all but at least he had a few bites of the frosting! Later that day he threw up a couple of times so I’m kind of worried if he’s allergic to dairy or something 🙁 Hope not! But I was afraid to give him a cupcake for his actual bday which was a couple of days later. For his actual bday we took him to the Long Beach Aquarium just like we did for Emma’s 1st bday. I think he enjoyed it except for maybe when a bird peed on him in the lorikeet exhibit. We discovered that our family has a penchant for getting bird pooped/peed on. Now every single member of our family has had that happen to us!!! >:(

Overall, I can’t believe my little “baby” is 1 and moving onto the toddler years. I am excited (and a little nervous) to see what he’s like as a toddler. I’m not a baby person and throughout his first year I kept wanting him to hurry and grow up but now that it’s actually happening it does make me a little sad! I think he’s always going to be my little baby though. 🙂


Now for some more pics (btw – thanks to my cousins and my friend Cheryl for the awesome pictures from his bday! :))

We started out this past month with a trip to Palm Springs with friends. Here Max is at the zoo pointing to where we should go next!

Enjoying pool time at our PS house

This guy is always searching for trouble!

Oops…I did not take many pictures this past month. The rest are from his bday:

Max’s party was mostly during his nap time so he slept for most of it but I woke him up near the end so he could have some cake. Sleepy Max:

After waking up, he instantly went to the bubble machine which is the hit at any kid’s party!

Even though Max refused to touch the cake, I was glad he at least had a bite of this cake I made from scratch for him!!!!

The lorikeet exhibit…so glad we got to take him here since he has a fascination with birds!

He also loves playing with water

And some more pics of max looking at sea creatures


This little guy brings us all so much joy. Emma especially loves her little brother and is always holding his hand and hugging him. Can’t wait to see what year 2 will bring us!

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