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Camping With Kids

I have been daydreaming about the day that I can take the kiddos camping. The funny thing is I am not even that big of a camper or a roughin’ it type girl…but for some reason I just can’t wait to introduce the kids to the outdoors, sleeping in tents, hiking, and eating campfire food. The husband and I used to go on an annual camping trip with our friends…but we stopped after everybody started having kids…but I know once the kids are a little older we are going to start them back up again but this time with kids! I love that our kids have all of these other kids to play with and create special camping memories with too!

Anyways, I thought I would share some of the useful things I have bookmarked about camping with kids which I am sure is a whole other ballgame and probably more work than I am imagining. 😛

First off the tent. I just recently found out you can buy tents with dividers! This is great if you have more than 1 kid and they need privacy for naps or at bedtime. I was scouring Amazon and found this one that seems decently priced and highly rated:

I will also probably invest in an air mattress or some type of padding to sleep on for the kids. People also recommend sleeping in the tent in your backyard first to get your kids familiar with sleeping somewhere than their own bed.

Places to camp:
I’ve been hearing a lot about KOA campsites. They are catered towards families and are located all around the US. They have campsites but also cabins and space for RVs. They usually have a playground, laundry and bathroom facilities, a little store, and even wifi! It might be a good way to ease your kids into camping. Also, check out these unique camping options that some of the KOA sites offer…like yurts, teepees, airstreams, and treehouses!

Most likely we will probably try our first camping experience someplace nearby, but ideally I would love to visit some of the national parks in the future!

Camp food:
This is probably the part I am most nervous about since kids can be picky eaters and I just know it will be hard to get the kids to eat a balanced meal while camping. But then again, camping is probably going to be just a 1-2 night adventure so it’s ok to have a pass on eating healthy for a few days right? 😛 Anyways, here are some campfire recipes I have bookmarked that I can’t wait to try!

Canned biscuit campfire donuts
Homemade instant oatmeal packets – if you use instant rolled oats, you can just add boiling water and you have oatmeal ready!
campurritos – breakfast burritos!
sweet potato apple hash – this also has other recipes and meal ideas for eating paleo while you camp!

Grilled pasta packets – love this!
9 delicious and easy foil packet dinners
Pig in a blanket
chicks on sticks (chicken kebabs)
potato boat dinner
perfect picnic sandwich

Campfire spinach dip
Good salad suggestions for camping
bocce pasta salad
Campfire popcorn

5 around the campfire desserts
Strawberry smores

Aside from hiking, some other fun games or things you can do with the kids
Camping charades
Camping activity bags
best camping activities for kids

Tips for camping with young kids:
Hellobee’s tips
8 tips for camping with kids
25 camping hacks for kids

So did I get you excited about camping with kids yet??? 🙂

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Our Summer Manifesto

I’m not really sure how much I will get done with a newborn on the way this summer but I thought it would be fun to create a Summer Manifesto. We will try to hit as much of these items as possible with a tiny one in tow! I LOVE summer and definitely don’t want to waste it being cooped up inside like the last time I was on maternity leave. Hopefully I have more experience now and can handle taking the baby out! 🙂

1. Visit a tidepool. Check out this list of 7 family friendly tidepools in OC.
2. Take Emma to the Atlantis Play Center. We still haven’t gone to this popular playground yet!
3. Bake something with Emma. Emma really enjoys cooking with me so I’ll be on the lookout for more kid-friendly recipes where she can help by adding ingredients and stirring things.
4. Eat Afters Ice Cream. We love eating ice cream and this has been on my list to try!
5. Sign up Emma for soccer classes
6. Make Emma a felt playmat. I really like this Easter one (even though it’s not Easter anymore :P) because it’s no sew and Emma had such a blast this past Easter hunting for eggs. I’m always on the lookout for activities she can play with that don’t include the iPad or TV 😛

7. Attend an outdoor movie
8. Have lots of picnics. We LOVE picnics….even if it’s just in our yard 🙂
9. Plant something with Emma. Since I have a total black thumb this will just be for fun. I was thinking of grass in a cute pot or even these cress cup plants. Emma loves watering plants and I think she will get a kick out of seeing something grow!

10. Use up my groupons/living socials deals to Pretend City and The Little Prince Cafe. One has already expired but I can still use their face value so I really want to get these used up this summer!

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Easy Easter Bucket & Other Easter Activities

I’ve been looking for a small Easter basket for Emma but it seems like a lot of the ones sold in stores are big (Emma is really small for her age). I recently saw this easy diy one using a store bought pail from the $1 bin at Target.


All you do is print onto sticker paper and cut out these cute easter stickers


And stick them on the bucket!


I should have taken a picture of Emma holding the bucket so you could see how small it really is. It’s the perfect size for her!

The same website, And We Play, provides the same pictures as coloring sheets!

Some other easy/fun Easter activities and links:
Easter egg coupons – Fill your plastic easter eggs with these coupons instead of candy!
Baby’s first easter basket – cute items to include in your little one’s first basket
Ice Eggs – this looks so fun! Hopefully where you live is warm enough for this activity
Natural Egg Dye Tutorial – I’m really interested in trying these out
How to host a glow in the dark easter egg hunt – um YES PLEASE! I can’t wait til my kids are old enough for this!

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