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A Mattress For the Ikea Kura Bunk Bed

Update #2: A reader commented that Tuft & Needle are discontinuing this mattress. That really sucks to hear since we loved this mattress and it was perfect for this Ikea bunk bed. I was asked for alternatives and I found another 5 in mattress that is also highly rated. I do not own this personally but the reviews are good. Check it out on Amazon here.
Update #1: We’ve since had the mattress for over 6 months now and LOVE it. I highly recommend this mattress for the Ikea Kura. It’s the perfect size and is super comfy despite it’s low height. It’s a great quality mattress for a great price. You can pick yours up at Amazon.

We recently bought an Ikea Kura Bunk Bed for Emma to transition out of our bed (we have been cosleeping with her pretty much since birth). The reason I like this bunk bed is because it’s low to the ground and appears to be safer for younger kids. The bottom bed is actually a floor bed which I’ve always wanted to try ever since I read about it from Montessori blogs. And it will be great for when our other kid grows up and they can share a room.

This bunk bed is very versatile in that you can either use the top, bottom, or both as a bed. Some people use the bottom as a play area instead. After my husband put together the bed, I was tasked with finding a mattress for it. One of my mommy friends told me about this highly rated mattress from Walmart called Mattress In A Box which you can get for under $200. Luckily I found out right before I bought it that it was a little too tall for the Ikea bunk bed. It is 8 inches and since the Ikea bunk bed is so low they suggested using a mattress that is 5 inches or shorter. Luckily, I had another highly rated mattress bookmarked that I had been looking at as well by Tuft & Needle. If you’re interested, there is a short article here about the mattress industry scam and a little bit about the Tuft & Needle mattress and how they are trying to change how we shop for mattresses. You can buy the mattress on their website or Amazon (same price). They also sell queens and kings and a thicker 10 inch mattress. Their customer service supposedly is amazing and if you don’t like the bed they have a free return policy which involves them just having Salvation Army picking up the mattress so you know it doesn’t just go to waste! I love the idea behind this company. I wasn’t too worried about the quality of the mattress when I bought it though because it is rated 5 stars on Amazon with over 300 reviews!

Anyways, if you are looking into the bunk bed…there are countless “hacks” you can also do to make the bunk bed look nicer. We ended up painting ours white and I am thinking of cutting out some decals for the panels but we’ll see. For some inspiration, check out this post on Hellobee: 35 Ikea Kura Hacks

Oh, one last thing that I discovered during my research is that if you decide to do a floor bed, the mattress is prone to getting moldy on the bottom since there is no room for circulation and bodies sweat a lot. To combat this you should really put some slats underneath the mattress or flip it onto its side once a week to let it air out. I discovered Ikea sells this platform for $20 bucks so I think we will just use that.

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Cheapest Places To Find Your Halloween Costumes

I’m on the hunt for Halloween costumes. Not ready to share our theme for this year yet since I’m not 100% sure we are doing it but I thought I would share my experience with finding cheap Halloween costumes.

Of course I check Craigslist first and then Ebay. If I don’t find what I am looking for there, here is a great link to 12 Halloween websites you can peruse. They even have a handy dandy chart comparing the prices with all of the stores!

12 Sites To Find Your Halloween Costume Cheap

Wholesale Costume Club looks to be the cheapest in general but you will want to look up your specific costume to find the cheapest price.

Lastly, if you have any consignment stores nearby…those are worth checking out too!

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Some Lego Hot Deals

I’ve been meaning to get Emma her first Lego set. Luckily I saw this Lego Duplo set on sale for $16 (regular $25) and it’s ZOO themed!!! Emma loves animals right now AND we will be going to the Wild Animal Park in SD next month so this is perfect for her. I can’t wait for it to arrive so she can play with it. I love Amazon Prime!

I am also very tempted to get Emma these Mega Bloks….it’s only $10 at Toys R Us!!! But I’ve been wanting to get her her first baby doll to play with and I don’t want to be spoiling her with all of these new toys. What to do! I think I will hold off on these for now and just let her play with the Zoo set first.

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50% Off One Single Item At Old Navy

I love Old Navy for kids clothing. It’s cheap and usually pretty trendy! Their leggings are usually super cheap and stylish!!!

Anyways, they have are having a 50% off coupon valid only tomorrow on Saturday. Just head to their Facebook page and click Get Offer and a coupon will be emailed to you.

You can also spend it on one of their super cute Halloween costumes!

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Animal Finger Puppets Hot Deal

Just snagged this deal for Emma because she LOVES finger puppets. We have the set at Ikea that includes a bunch of random people like a scuba diver, a ballerina, a ghost, etc. and I was thinking of also getting her the animal set. They are $5 but this set from Amazon is half the price…$2.49 (free shipping!)

The ratings are good too…4.5 stars and over 200 reviews. Emma’s favorite animal right now is the elephant so she is going to have a lot of fun with these!

PS. Just a reminder, if you are an Amazon Mom member, you have 2 days left to use code BABY0913 to get 20% off hundreds of baby items at Amazon

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Pretend City Hot Deal: 4 Tickets For $18!

Plum district is having a great deal on Pretend City tickets right now! You buy 3 tickets get 1 one free and each ticket is only $6. Normally the tickets cost $12.50! Of course there is a catch….the tickets only work on Tuesday-Friday after 1pm. If your kids are like mine, 3 hours max is plenty of time to spend there and they close at 5pm.

If you’ve never been to Pretend City it’s a pretty cool place for your little ones. It’s basically a miniature town with miniature versions of a library, grocery store, a restaurant, drs office, etc! They also have a cool water play area and an arts and crafts area where they supply everything you need to create some cool art projects that you can take home. Here is a picture of Emma making a pizza the last time we went!


They even have designated play areas for babies and kids under 1 are free! You still have to pay for your own admission though so that’s why this deal is really good. Now that school has started it will probably be less crowded so it’s a great time to take advantage of this deal. I already bought mine!

Click here for the Pretend City deal at Plum District.

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Babies R Us Kid’s Apparel Hot Deal

Babies R Us via Ebay has a bunch of great deals with free shipping to boot!

I just picked up this hat for Emma for $1.79

Cute, right?

Wish they had this shortall in Emma’s size…I’ve been wanting to get her a pair but unfortunately they only have size 3 months available 🙁

Check out this link for all of the other great deals!

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15% Off Coupon At Land Of Nod

If I was rich, I would buy all of Emma’s things from Land of Nod. I LOVE that store. Did you know they recently opened a brick & mortar store at the South Coast Plaza? I was so in love with everything in there. Right now they are having their friends and family event and you can get 15% off with coupon code BUDDY (Ends on Monday August 5th so hurry!). These are some things I am coveting:

This dollhouse bookcase. I always wanted a dollhouse growing up so I am always on the lookout for a cool one to get Emma. This one does double duty as a bookcase too!

Speaking of bookcases, I’ve been looking for a low bookshelf for all of Emma’s books. And I love grey right now:

I love toys that promote imaginary play. This housekeeping cart is awesome isn’t it?

This baby piano. Here is a picture of Emma playing with it in the store. We almost bought it that day.

I’m totally obsessed with wire baskets right now and totally in love with this 3 tiered flea market bin

And I’m biased towards all things robot but I’m really close to buying this Robot Treasure Box!!

Sigh….a mommy can dream right? 🙂

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