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Max’s 12 Month Update

Max is ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can’t believe it. I remember when Max was born and thinking he’s going to be 1 before I know it. And now here we are. He’s still so little though that it’s hard for me to believe he’s actually 1! This past month he started walking and it’s so cute seeing his little body toddle around. He looks almost too small to be walking! His personality has really started to shine through this past month too. He is so mischievous but also so loving. He loves to give big hugs and big kisses. I love it when he laughs his cute little laugh. It’s pretty easy to make him laugh too and his sister is ALWAYS making him laugh the most! Probably my favorite part of this past year has been watching their relationship grow.

Things I want to remember about Max right now:

– Whenever I start singing “if you’re happy and you know it” or “wheels on the bus”, he instantly starts clapping his hand
– Speaking of music I love when he does his little bouncy dance whenever he hears any music he likes
– I love the way he waves goodbye with his wrist
– Whenever I have my back turned to him, he instantly climbs onto my back wanting a piggy-back ride and when I take him for a ride he always has the biggest grin
– All of his babbling…his little voice is so cute!
– When he’s breastfeeding and is staring at me and just smiles
– How he always walks over to the counter with his favorite cereal and calls out to us until we give him some
– How he always spots any bird or airplane in the sky no matter how small. He totally loves birds!
– How much he loves to eat anything and everything
– His kisses. And when he grabs my face so he can kiss it.
– Whenever he grabs me around my knees for a big hug
– That he started walking so early!
– How he always points at the fan or the light in the room to everyone
– That his eczema is virtually gone! hooray!

Things I don’t want to remember about Max right now:
– How he gets into EVERYTHING. A total troublemaker and curious about everything
– How he he falls and hits his head at least once a day 🙁
– How he likes to run straight to our sunken living room and go down the 2 steps as if he can physically do it (he can’t)
– How much he dislikes drinking milk from a bottle
– How he enjoys breastfeeding but is horrible at it (he has a very short attention span)
– How underweight and small he is 🙁
– How at 1 he still hates the carseat
– How often he wakes up at night still
– How he always has a mischievous look on his face!

For his 1st bday party we threw him a party at the Santa Ana Zoo. It went well but I am so glad it’s over! Just like Emma he wasn’t into smashing his cake at all but at least he had a few bites of the frosting! Later that day he threw up a couple of times so I’m kind of worried if he’s allergic to dairy or something 🙁 Hope not! But I was afraid to give him a cupcake for his actual bday which was a couple of days later. For his actual bday we took him to the Long Beach Aquarium just like we did for Emma’s 1st bday. I think he enjoyed it except for maybe when a bird peed on him in the lorikeet exhibit. We discovered that our family has a penchant for getting bird pooped/peed on. Now every single member of our family has had that happen to us!!! >:(

Overall, I can’t believe my little “baby” is 1 and moving onto the toddler years. I am excited (and a little nervous) to see what he’s like as a toddler. I’m not a baby person and throughout his first year I kept wanting him to hurry and grow up but now that it’s actually happening it does make me a little sad! I think he’s always going to be my little baby though. 🙂


Now for some more pics (btw – thanks to my cousins and my friend Cheryl for the awesome pictures from his bday! :))

We started out this past month with a trip to Palm Springs with friends. Here Max is at the zoo pointing to where we should go next!

Enjoying pool time at our PS house

This guy is always searching for trouble!

Oops…I did not take many pictures this past month. The rest are from his bday:

Max’s party was mostly during his nap time so he slept for most of it but I woke him up near the end so he could have some cake. Sleepy Max:

After waking up, he instantly went to the bubble machine which is the hit at any kid’s party!

Even though Max refused to touch the cake, I was glad he at least had a bite of this cake I made from scratch for him!!!!

The lorikeet exhibit…so glad we got to take him here since he has a fascination with birds!

He also loves playing with water

And some more pics of max looking at sea creatures


This little guy brings us all so much joy. Emma especially loves her little brother and is always holding his hand and hugging him. Can’t wait to see what year 2 will bring us!

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Max’s 11 Month Update

Wow…I keep saying it but this month just flew by. I can’t believe only 1 more month and Max will be a one year old!!!!

Max really started walking a lot more this past month. He’s gone about 5-6 steps unassisted now. I think maybe by his 1st bday he will be full on walking. I hope so!! I really hate the stage where they want you to hold their hand everywhere as they try to walk. Either that or he is crawling all over the dirty floor. Or you are worrying he’s going to fall and hit his head. Yup…not my favorite stage.

I feel like he is understanding a lot more when we talk to him. He knows to point to where he wants us to carry him and he definitely understands “mum mum” means food! He is a total terror when it comes to diaper changes. He kicks and squirms so much that half the time I have to change his diaper while he’s upright and pray that he doesn’t pee!

He also still hates the carseat but he is a little better about it. He’s getting better at falling asleep in the car if he’s tired….before he would cry so much because he would be sleepy but couldn’t sleep (what a weird baby! they are supposed to love falling asleep in the car). Now we can usually go short distances without him crying but I still get stressed out every day and get all rushed every time we get in the car because of him 🙁

I’ve been so bad with pictures as always. Here are the few I managed to take!

This guy is seriously such a trouble maker compared to his sister!

Speaking of his sister…these 2 are the best of friends. BTW we totally faked this photo…Max doesn’t use the iPhone yet!

He’s really good at drinking out of a straw now! Just wish he would drink more milk. He is a great eater though and will eat pretty much anything. I can’t wait til he turns 1 and we switch him to whole milk…hoping he likes that more than bm or formula!

This guy loves water! BTW – no he is not THAT dirty…it’s an oatmeal bath because he has some eczema

Max is still not sleeping through the night and even though he’s not a big fan of bfing…he does rely on it at night. And since he is such a lightweight I feel bad weaning him off of it right now. I am counting down the days when I get to stop pumping though!

Check out this video of Max walking. I love the face he makes at the end. He always makes that face after he makes a few steps….the “I did it” face! So cute!!

This guy is a total momma’s boy and he loves to cuddle with me. Sometimes he crawls over to me and just gives me a big hug and lays his head on my shoulder and grips my neck super tight. My heart just melts! Love you Maxie Poo!!!!

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Max’s 10 Month Update

This is the month I’ll always remember as the time when I really get why boys are more work. At least when they are young. This little guy is SO active and curious!!! He tries to get into everything. Not only is he crawling everywhere but he started cruising and tries to use everything as a walker. Like this chair for instance.

Yes, he’s actually pushing this chair around! I have to keep one eye on him always. One time my grandparents left him with a piece of paper alone for a few minutes and when they came back he had given himself paper cuts ALL over his face!!!!

How sad does that look?? Luckily it healed pretty quickly and he was back to his normal cute self.

Yes…that look is saying “what trouble can I get myself into….”

This past month Max celebrated his first Easter. He slept during the actual egg hunt so unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures of that.

Here he is holding one of his sister’s eggs

Watching big sister paint eggs. Don’t worry Max…next year you can join!

He can run around this thing so fast now

Every saturday morning we go to Emma’s ballet class and Max watches and claps his hands, cheering his sister on!

Random picture of Max at Land of Nod. I love this store!

This past month has been full of more picnics and park outings. Max loves being outside and trying to eat the dirt. 🙁

He is starting to drink more milk and has tried a variety of different foods now. He will pretty much eat anything. I hope this continues as he grows older! I’ll be so happy if I have 2 foodies (my daughter is a great eater too!). Here he is eating a lime and loving it.

What else can be said about this little guy this month? He’s such a happy baby. He is still waking up smiley and clapping his hands. He loves to dance to music. Make funny noises with his mouth. Emma and Max are starting to interact more with each other and it’s so sweet to see them being so loving! He did the sweetest thing the other day. Emma was crying really hard and he was just staring at her with a worried look on his face. I started patting her on the back to try and calm her down and he crawled over to her and started patting her back too! It was just so crazy to see his personality start developing and to see him care about his big sister!! My heart melted right then and there.

Oh and also another biggie is that he said his first word! Like his sister it was….”mom”! So proud of him. 🙂

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Max’s 9 Month Update

Max grew up so much this past month! It was an exciting month for him because not only did he start crawling but he also cut his first tooth! I think he actually has 2 teeth now. He also got exponentially cuter (to me) this month. Maybe it’s his cute little personality shining through but I just think he is at his most adorable stage right now. He is totally into clapping his hands, his latest trick. In fact, in the morning when he is sleeping and it’s time to wake up. My husband will start singing “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands” and IN HIS SLEEP he starts smiling and clapping his hands!!! It’s the cutest thing!!!!

Max’s separation anxiety is at an all-time high right now. He used to be pretty easygoing and would let anyone hold him. Now he just wants momma or grandpa to hold him. His snuggles are the best though so I don’t mind!

Max is also really into books. When I read him his books before bed, he is very still which is weird because he is such an active baby so you know he is actually listening and paying attention! His favorite books right now are Pat The Bunny and Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You. When I read the first line of Mr. Brown he always gives me a big smile!

We are still struggling with his milk intake but he is still really enjoying his solids. I just hope he is growing! We have his 9 Month appointment in 2 weeks so we’ll find out then.

Now for the photo dump.

Max’s first Chinese/Vietnamese New year!

Eating out just got fun again. Max can sit on his own in the high chair!!

Love this little booger so much

Now that he can crawl, he loves tummy time!

Always getting into mischief now that he is mobile!

This next video of Max CRACKS.ME.UP.  I can’t stop laughing at his little feet.

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Max’s 8 Month Update

Man I have major mommy brain. I can’t remember anything exciting or significant happening this month! And what’s worse…I didn’t take any pictures with my real camera! I did take some photos with my phone but not very many. I guess I’ve been trying to be in the moment more with my kids…but I also think it’s important to take pictures too. I need to work on finding the right balance.

This month was filled with lots of picnics, Valentine’s Day, and just typical family adventures. Max is starting to eat more different foods. He seems to like everything we’ve given him. He actually seems to like to eat more than drink milk! Although he’s finally started drinking more milk too. Oh I hope he starts catching up on his weight!

Max is still not crawling but he likes to do 360s. He’s still putting EVERYTHING into his mouth and drooling everywhere. He can stand on his own for several seconds! He is starting to understand some words. My inlaws have a small pumpkin hanging from their fan and when we ask him where the pumpkin is he always looks up at it. SO CUTE. I really should be teaching him sign language like I did with Emma. 2nd baby syndrome!

For Valentine’s Day, we had a family picnic at our new favorite spot that our friends recommended to us…Heisler Park. It’s adjacent to Laguna Beach and is just beautiful. Emma loves to play in the sand with daddy while I chill with Max on the grass.

I got the whole family gifts and for Max I got him a new chew toy which of course he loved.

I also decorated our hallway with streamers, hearts, and candies. Max loved walking through it!

People always ask me if I notice a difference between having a boy vs a girl. So far it’s not that much different honestly but I do notice Max is super curious and reaches for EVERYTHING! Whatever he sees, he wants to hold it and put it in his mouth. He will lunge for things all of the time when I am holding him. I don’t really remember Emma doing that. And as I’ve heard from my other friends with boys….Max will probably be a terror once he’s fully mobile and be getting into everything. I can definitely see that. We will probably have to babyproof the house for the first time. Emma was so cautious we never had to worry about that.

Overall, Max seems like a very happy baby and has been pretty easy lately. He is getting so much better in his carseat which makes us sooo happy because we like to go places a lot and it was just pure torture every time in the car. Now he can go for 30 mins or more without crying! He has also slept on his own a few times. With Emma we always had to rock or bf her to sleep.

Now for the few pictures I took!

Isn’t this hat so cute? The baby wearing it isn’t so bad either!

Max already loves it when we read to him….to bad we don’t nearly do it enough 🙁

Always smiling at us. His smiles seriously melt my heart!

Max is so lucky to have a sister like Emma. She ALWAYS holds his hand in the car since she knows he doesn’t like car rides!

Family selfie

Max likes planking

Ready to eat!

Finally…a family picture we didn’t take ourselves!

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Max’s 7 Month Update

In case you didn’t know…I’m not much of a baby person. I’m pretty awkward around babies (aside from my own) and generally think they are pretty boring. Sure they can be cute and when they hit all of their little milestones it fills me with the fuzzies but for the most part, I’m not a baby person. I really hate all of the wake ups at night. I hate dealing with bottle feeding. I enjoy breastfeeding but sometimes I feel chained to the baby (especially if they refuse the bottle). And in general, I just don’t know how to entertain babies! Aside from peekaboo…which gets old fast. They also cry a lot and both of my babies wanted to be held ALL. OF. THE. TIME!

I remember with Emma…I didn’t really start feeling the overwhelming love for quite awhile. Sure I liked her enough…but it wasn’t the all consuming love that a parent has for their kid type love. That took time. I’m not sure when it happened but believe me. I love that girl more than anything now. It’s crazy the kind of love a mother has for her kids.

As for Max, I mention all of this because….it’s happening!!!! I’m slowly falling in love with this kid.

He went from one of those boring baby blobs…to a smiling, laughing, rolling, grabbing, gosh-darn-super-cute baby!!!

Guys. I am IN love.

He wakes up with the biggest smiles. When he sees me, he lunges for me and sometimes cries until whoever is holding him gives him up and lets him come to mama. He rolls over like a champ. He is grabbing at toys. Chewing everything in sight. And drooling so much he is wearing a bib 24/7.

He still hates the car seat BUT it’s getting better! He can tolerate short car rides now.

We started him on solids. So far he’s had avocados, bananas, rice cereal, and pears. He loves them all. I mean really loves it.

Oh yes, AND he’s sitting on his own now!! Yippee.

Well…mostly sitting 🙂

And earlier this month he celebrated his first xmas which involved flying to Oklahoma to visit my side of the family. Unfortunately, he was sick the whole time and pretty miserable. The airplane ride was ok…he cried when we took off and when we were landing but slept the rest of the time.

an outtake from our xmas card this year

A picture of Max with his great grandfather who just turned 100!

So yes, it’s been an exciting month for Max!

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Max’s 6 Month Update

Man, these updates are getting harder and harder to do as it just keeps getting busier and busier with 2! Right now we are in the throes of 2 sick kids so that’s why this one is so late. Plus the holidays. Happy that I am at least attempting to do these updates though.

Max has really started to roll and be very active this past month. He seems to be a lot more aware and very curious about everything. Playing with his toys more (yay!). He still hates the carseat with a passion though. Going anywhere with him is pure torture. I can’t wait for the day when he enjoys his carseat! It hasn’t stopped us from going to a lot of places though.

We started the past month with a visit to the DR to check his weight. At his 4 month appointment the DR said his wait was slipping and asked us to come back. Well when we did his weight was back on track! Hooray. THEN a month later we went to his 6 month appointment and his weight slipped again! 🙁 I did start noticing he was drinking less at daycare for some reason. He has just not been a very good eater in general. He had trouble with the bottle and only drinks it now when he’s starving. Breastfeeding him isn’t as easygoing as it was with Emma either. He just doesn’t seem to enjoy eating period. We have trouble feeding him enough milk. He is probably only drinking half of the amount a normal baby his age should be drinking…I’m not really sure how he is growing at all! It’s been very stressful since you can’t really force a baby to eat. As a result, we have been supplementing more and more with formula. We are also starting solids (I’ll talk about that more since it was officially in his next month’s update).

On a more positive note, he is smiling and laughing a lot so at least he seems like a happy baby. He especially loves to play peekaboo and to have books read to him. He loves to put everything in his mouth and is super drool-y.

Some firsts
– haircut. We wanted to give him a mohawk but honestly I totally miss his hair!!!! He looks like a different baby to me!
– santa pictures. they turned out so great we had to buy some!
– trip to sea world.
– secret santa party
– glamping!!! we went glamping for boyrobot’s 35th bday. it gave us a taste of what camping will be like with kids. I can’t wait to take the kids camping in the future!

And now for some pictures

Family Thanksgiving picture

A very early Secret Santa party!

Check out his awesome crazy hair. I miss it.


Max and his barber, Uncle Khanh

One of my favorite pictures ever!

About to head out to go look at xmas lights!

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Max’s 5 Month Update

Wow..another month just flew by! We started out the new month with Max’s first “trip”. We took him to Vegas! I was actually dreading this trip because we were driving and Max hates car rides. The ride there was actually not too bad. He only cried about 60% of the way which was actually pretty good for him. The ride home was a completely different story. He cried 99% of the way. The other 1% he would fall asleep and Emma would wake him up! It was so frustrating. We had to stop 5-6 times. I thought we would never make it home. It really confirmed to me that I will be flying to Vegas from now on! Other than that…the trip was pretty fun. Or as fun as it can be with 2 kids. We went with friends though so it’s always fun just to hang out with them and watch our kids play together. I didn’t even gamble!

Other than that, Max also celebrated his first Halloween! We went trick-or-treating with his cousins. He mostly slept the whole time. We dressed him up as Robin and Emma was Batgirl. I wish I had taken more pictures!!!! I’ll be so sad when the day comes that I can’t pick my kids’ costumes heheh.

Some milestones:
– full on rolling now
– started taking 1 bottle of formula (I’m not producing enough milk for him :()
– no more acid reflux!!
– had his first bout of bronchitis 🙁
– sitting in the bumbo
– batting and holding onto toys

I hate my carseat. no joke.

oooh..what’s this!



Me and my sis

Ready for winter

Possibly my favorite picture of these 3
Max always has the funniest expressions! #lovethese3


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Max’s 4 Month Update

It’s hard to imagine in the next few months, how fast Max will be changing. He is going to be sitting up soon and next thing you know he will be crawling! I’m looking forward to these milestones but of course sad at how quickly it all happens, a recurring theme in parenting don’t you think? I do have to admit I can’t wait until he likes the car seat though!

I’m also so excited about the next few months with all of the fun holidays coming up – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Xmas!!!! These events are 10 times more fun with kids in my opinion. This past month we have been celebrating Halloween full force with visits to the pumpkin patch, having a pumpkin painting play date, and getting the kids’ costumes ready. I think Halloween may be my favorite or at least one of my favorite holidays.

Some milestones:

– Babbling like crazy!!! He’s so loud and talkative
– Loves being talked or read to.
– Started laughing and is super smiley
– Possibly teething with the amount he drools and is always eating his hand
– Can definitely hold his head up now
– REALLY hates the car seat
– Rolled over!! He hasn’t mastered this though and doesn’t do it very often but he has done it a couple of times now
– Starting to grab at things
– and the most exciting milestone…he is finally taking the bottle!!! It took a month at daycare but we are so happy to say he is drinking from a bottle like a champ! Such a relief.

I was just looking at Emma’s and how similar their milestones are. There are a few differences though. Max rolled earlier than Emma but Emma was able to hold and bat toys earlier than Max. Also, Emma started liking the car seat by 4 months and Max has reached maximum hatred for his. Hopefully by next month when he masters playing with his toys he will like it more!

Now for some pics:

He kind of looks like a girl here…

Big sister is his favorite fan!

Always wants to hold his hand:

Rolling over

A college friend his expression!

My superheroes

Always on the lookout for trouble!

Trick or treating at Boo at the Zoo

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Emma’s Faves: 2 years 3 months

The Complete Adventures of Curious George: 70th Anniversary Edition – Even though there are several stories in this book, Emma makes me read the same 2 stories over and over again!

Popcorn with Coconut Oil – I have to admit we are both addicted to this! Emma just loves eating popcorn in general. But I really like the taste that coconut oil add to it. Plus it’s so much healthier than using butter! I use this recipe.

Finally got around to making coconut oil popcorn. It is easy and tasty! Now what toppings should I add?

Lil Critters Fruit and Veggie Vitamins – I’m on the fence about vitamins for kids so I see these more as a treat for Emma and another way to sneak in some veggies? She LOVES these and I usually tell her she can have one after she brushes her teeth which makes her a little more willing to brush than normal. Even though they recommend giving 2, I give her just 1 a day.

Bubbles – like every 2 year old…Emma is obsessed with bubbles. She is loving them right now and it has been a fun outdoor activity this summer

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