I can’t believe this little guy has been with us for a whole month already!

I'm 1 month today rawr!

Some milestones and updates:

– Longest stretch of nighttime sleep: 5.5. hours and it was glorious!
– Can lift his head and hold for several seconds (and in fact enjoys tummy time!)
– At his 2 week appointment, he was 7lbs 3 ozes. Minh weighed him last night on our home scale (which is very unreliable) but says he was close to 9 lbs!
– Sleeps unswaddled
– Has a very strong grip and strong kicks (which I could tell even in the womb)
– BFs every 2-3 hours and has had a great latch from the start
– Is also taking 1 bottle a day and sometimes takes the pacifier
– Prefers Huggies diapers
– Poops a ton. Almost every diaper change.
– Finally starting to fit his newborn clothes and even some of his 3 month sized clothes!
– Still sleeps a ton but will stay awake 15 mins – 1 hour at times

Maternity leave has been much more enjoyable this time around. I’m just a more relaxed mama and Max is also easier. He cries when he’s hungry, has a dirty diaper, or is sleepy but if he’s awake he’s content to just lay there and observe. Emma never let me put her down awake for more than 5 minutes! He’s been eating well but he’s been sounding very congested. I keep reading it’s normal so I hope he grows out of it soon because sometimes it feels like it interferes with his eating (ie. can’t breathe and starts choking on the milk). His baby acne and cradle cap is at an all-time high as well but I’m not as worried about it this time since Emma had it as well and her skin is so nice now! I’m excited to take him out next month now that we are done with the 1 month confinement!

Now for some pictures from the past month:






3 weeks old and trying to crawl already hehe #tummytime

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