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The Toddler Rules

I didn’t know this was a term…”the toddler rules”…but it’s so true. Toddlers develop the funniest/cutest/annoying rules that we must follow lest we want a major tantrum to ensue. Currently these are Emma’s ridiculous toddler rules:

1. Mom must always be the one to hand Emma her bottle before she drinks it. Even when Dad prepares her bottle for her and gives it to her she automatically makes me hold it (for even just 1 sec) so that I may hand it to her.

2. Emma must approve whatever she is wearing that day. Nothing fashionable. Some days she only wants to wear GREEN. NO PINK. The more tacky/loud looking the better. She usually will not wear blue unless it has something UCLA on it.

For example, this is what Emma wears if I let her choose her own clothes. These are her favorite pants and her favorite shoes (they are hand me down Lightning McQueen crocs from her male cousin)

3. All baths must include a plastic egg for her to play with

4. Emma must climb into her car seat BY HERSELF!

5. The light in the car must be on while we are driving at night. Unless it is “out of batteries” (this is the excuse we tell her as to why it can’t be on while we are driving!)

6. Emma will only wear crocs. She has tons of cute shoes and refuses to wear any of them. This makes me SO SAD. (see above)

7. At bedtime, MOM (and only MOM) must sing Happy Birthday to her cousin Ollie until she falls asleep. Over and over and over again.

8. Only mom can brush her teeth. And even then it’s a struggle.

Ok, those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head but she invents new ones every day! What about your toddlers? Do they have any funny rules you must follow?

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2 Videos You Should Watch

This first video speaks so much to me. Lately, I have just been feeling so frustrated about my lack of good parenting skills. I think us moms are a lot harder on ourselves than we should be, right?

A New Perspective For Moms from Elevation Church on Vimeo.

And Jimmy Kimmel’s kid videos always make me laugh. This one is just as good as previous years.

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