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Pretend City Hot Deal: 4 Tickets For $18!

Plum district is having a great deal on Pretend City tickets right now! You buy 3 tickets get 1 one free and each ticket is only $6. Normally the tickets cost $12.50! Of course there is a catch….the tickets only work on Tuesday-Friday after 1pm. If your kids are like mine, 3 hours max is plenty of time to spend there and they close at 5pm.

If you’ve never been to Pretend City it’s a pretty cool place for your little ones. It’s basically a miniature town with miniature versions of a library, grocery store, a restaurant, drs office, etc! They also have a cool water play area and an arts and crafts area where they supply everything you need to create some cool art projects that you can take home. Here is a picture of Emma making a pizza the last time we went!


They even have designated play areas for babies and kids under 1 are free! You still have to pay for your own admission though so that’s why this deal is really good. Now that school has started it will probably be less crowded so it’s a great time to take advantage of this deal. I already bought mine!

Click here for the Pretend City deal at Plum District.

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Festival Of Children At South Coast Plaza

Speaking of things to do indoors, if you head to South Coast Plaza any weekend in the month of September, you can take part in the Festival of Children and their many activities! Click here for the schedule.

On Friday mornings, they have coffee & tea supplied by Corner Bakery along with a craft activity. I have this Friday off so maybe I will take Emma! There are also magicians, performances, face painting, and many other events taking place on Sat/Suns for the rest of the month.

PS. Did you know South Coast Plaza has a really awesome family restroom? It has private nursing areas, couches for the whole family to rest on, a tranquil fish tank, changing tables, extra baby wipes, and bathrooms!!

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Indoor Play Area – Westminster Mall

Man it’s been SO hot here in socal lately. If you’ve been looking for places to escape the heat that are nice and cool, I found out Westminster Mall has a pretty cool children’s play area. It’s located on the 1st floor in front of the JCPenney entrance.


It’s an enclosed area with seating all around for the parents to sit and watch while their children run and jump all over the play structures. They have cubbyholes under the seats for personal belongings including your children’s shoes! I have to warn you though that the kids are crazy in there…they are just flying all over the place. But in general, it seems pretty safe…it is carpeted and all of the structures are fairly low to the ground. They have cars/boats for the kids to sit in, tunnels to crawl through, and even a very small slide that is perfect for toddlers.

They also have some games on the walls, like these flip blocks that Emma enjoyed:


Right next to the play area is also a mini train ride that costs $2 and a pretty decent sized carousel.

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Emma At The OC Fair

I love fairs. I remember growing up in Oklahoma, the fair was a big deal. The rides, the food, the animals! I was so excited we had a chance to take Emma to a fair for the first time. I was surprised by how much she loved it. And even though I was dead tired by the end of the day, I was surprised how much more fun I had taking Emma to the fair than all of the times I have gone before! It’s just so fun to see a little person experience things for the first time.

We decided to try taking the OC Fair Express bus rather than driving ourselves since it was so close to our house and would save us a lot of money. It ended up being $5/person for the bus trip and fair admission. I think normally it’s something like $11 for fair admission and $10 for parking. The bus was pretty cool. It came on time, was pretty fast, and dropped us off near the entrance. Kids will love riding the bus too since they won’t be confined to their carseats.


When we arrived, they had the petting zoo right at the entrance so we went there first. Boy, I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t seen many petting zoos before but this petting zoo was wild, crazy, and fun. They had SO many animals and admission was free! You could buy some animal feed for pretty cheap if you wanted to but the animals were not shy at all. They had the usual goats, sheep, pigs, etc. But they ALSO had llamas, kangaroos, deer, and who knows what else. I didn’t even recognize some of the animals! They all were really friendly and you could tell all of the kids in there were having a blast. Emma, of course, was little Miss Shy and mostly just wanted to observe the animals. She definitely enjoyed it though because when it was time to leave the fair and we passed by the petting zoo, she kept pointing to it, so daddybot had to end up taking her in there again!



All of the animals seemed fairly happy except for this one kangaroo that was sitting in the far corner just staring outside. He was like that when we first got there and still there when we left! He looked so sad and like he was plotting to escape somehow ha ha. It kind of made me wonder how the animals are treated in petting zoos? Is it cruel? They honestly seemed to enjoy all of the interaction other than this baby roo.


Next, we were starving so we had to have some fair food. We started out with our favorite, roasted corn ($4.75 – though if you walk further into the fair there is cheaper corn in the back for $4). And we learned it’s Emmabot’s favorite too! Here she was chomping on her ear of corn.

Her new favorite word is “EAT EAT EAT” and she constantly says it if she wants to eat something. So adorable. She can also say corn in vietnamese….”bap”. Other than the corn, we also had a bbq tri tip sandwich (DELISH), and a brick of curly fries ($7). OMG I totally forgot to take a picture but this thing was huge and super greasy.

We stopped by some kids tent they had there that Emma just loved. They had a reptile area, a sand pit, and games all over the place like a mega sized Operation game, chess, ring toss, life size maze etc. When we got there they were having a hula hoop contest and it was so hilarious watching the little kids compete. Emma mostly played in the Lego area. We are finding that she really likes Legos. We may have to get her a set soon! While in the kids tent we saw some people carrying their carnival game prizes. The one that caught our eye was a GIANT SOCK MONKEY. When we saw it, we knew we had to get it!

Turns out to win the sock monkey you have to play the rubber ducky game. It’s where they have a bunch of rubber duckies swimming around in a pool of water and you try to toss a ring around the duck’s neck. It costs $5 for 4 rings. We plotted our strategy but in the end did not win it. SO SAD!


We walked around trying to find a ride that Emma might enjoy but there were either a height requirement or the ride went too fast or spun too much. Emmabot is just like her father so we are kind of worried she might get motion sickness easily. Since she is so young right now we didn’t want to push our luck. She was happy just looking at the rides and kept pointing at them.


Lastly, we couldn’t leave the fair without taking a family photobooth picture ($6). I was kind of too tired to do it but daddybot pushed for it and I’m so glad he did. I think this should become a yearly tradition. It will be funny to see how the pictures change over the years. Here’s this years:


The lady told us to be ready when we press the button but of course we weren’t! Surprisingly Emma was very smiley in these pictures. I guess it shows what a fun time she was having! 🙂

Overall, we had a lot of fun. Everything is super overpriced but that’s expected at the fair. The memories were truly priceless! 🙂


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