Emma’s Top 10 Favorite Things From Her First Year

These were the top 10 things that Emma loved her first year of life. These would make great baby shower gifts!

1. Baby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush – We also had the infamous Sophie The Giraffe, but Emma preferred this teether since it fit in her small hands more easily and the material seemed more fun to chew.

2. Books. I’ll do a future post on some of her favorite books but I’ve learned the classics are classics for a reason!

3. Summer Infant SwaddleMe – We had a variety of swaddlers but kept returning back to use these mostly. It was just the easiest one to use for new parents and quick. We also had The Miracle Blanket which was probably better at containing her hands but a bit more complicated to use!

4. Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Play Sleeper – We didn’t have this exact version of the Rock n Play but they are all basically the same. It provides a cozy, slanted place for baby to sleep. Emma loved sleeping in this and was often found here during the day!

5. Playtex Baby Drop-Ins – We had so much trouble with the bottle since Emma was breastfed but in the end she uses this at my inlaws while they are taking care of her. I LOVED this brand of bottles because it was one less thing to wash and it seems more sterile/clean in my opinion. Based on a tip from a friend, I bought the imitation liners from Target…much cheaper!

6. Baby Snacks – Like puffs, yogurt drops, rice crackers, etc…Emma loved them all. These Gerber Graduates Lil’ Crunchies were probably her all time favorite though. Babies love the independence of being able to eat finger foods like these by themselves. And even though we try to limit these snacks for her, they are a godsend when you are eating out and need something to distract them!

7. Windup Water Toy – We didn’t have this exact one but I couldn’t find the one we have online. But basically we used this while Emma takes her bath and she LOVES it. She always tries to catch her windup fishie.

8. Sound Machine – we started out with this portable Cloud b Gentle Giraffe that would only play for 45 mins at a time. I had to keep resetting it. Finally, we invested in a real sound machine and LOVE this one. Not only does it play white noise but it has 5 other settings including ocean, classical music, etc. It also has a nifty projector with 3 different cartridges. It has every feature I would want in a sound machine!

9. Yoga Ball – Emma fell asleep many nights while we bounced her on this yoga ball. Cheap and a free workout!

10. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes – This is one of the highest rated toys on amazon. It’s quite a simple toy with a few blinking lights and songs but all kids love it! The size is great for car trips too.

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Baby Food Recipes: Butternut Squash & Pear

Let me just start by saying I’m lazy. Most of the time we feed Emma with those fruit and vegetable pouches. I like those because you don’t even need a spoon! Ultimate convenience. Also, it’s really discouraging when you have a picky eater and you spend all of this time making her food and she won’t even have one bite. Of course every baby is different but this is one tried and true recipe that Emma loves!

First off, if you’re going to make baby purées it’s easiest if you use one of those hand stick blenders. We have this one:

Ill use it and then toss it in the dishwasher. So easy to clean!

You’ll also need an ice cube tray to hold and freeze all of the food you make.

Now if you live near a Trader Joe’s, this will even be easier. They sell butternut squash already cut up in a bag. All you have to do is snip a corner and microwave! While its microwaving, I quickly peel a pear using a peeler and then cut it up into chunks. Using the hand blender, I blend it all up. It literally takes me less then 15 mins to do all of this. I portion them into the ice cube tray and stick it in the freezer. These are good for 3 months. I just pop a few out when Emma wants to eat it and either microwave it for 45 secs or leave in the fridge to defrost.

Emma loves this purée!! It’s a great combo because butternut squash is super healthy and pears are easily digestible. I don’t know about your baby but Emma was frequently constipated when we first started solids. You can also substitute the pear for apple.

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An Intro Written By Emma’s Mom

By starting this blog, I am hoping to instill the same love for writing/blogging that I have, in my daughter Emma. Hopefully, as she gets older she will contribute more and more to these posts! Currently, she is only 14 months old and is just starting to learn some words here and there. I’ll try to capture her thoughts on a variety of adventures we go on, the food we eat, and the toys she plays with. It is also an easy way for me to document her life and share any tips I learn as a new mom with other parents as well.



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